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   Dialogic Vox Digital Audio Tools by Voice Information Systems Inc. 

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Simplify Audio Conversion!

Audio ToolBox
The Digital Audio   Processor and Converter
Do You Need:
  • To convert to and from a wide variety of audio formats?

  • To "chop" a sequence of recordings into separate files?

  • To adjust the volume across all your voice prompts?

  • To automatically crop silence from the beginning and ending of files?

  • To filter touch-tones from your files?

  • To add conversion capabilities to your Windows and DOS programs?

If your answer is YES!, you can make your job a lot easier — and the results sound better — with Audio ToolBoxTM.

A Must for Developers

Audio ToolBox makes converting and cleaning up your sound files a breeze. Improve all of your prompts with just one command, leveling out the volumes, removing dead air and background noise. Most voice developers find the Audio ToolBox is a must when creating a voice system. It makes the system sound like a million bucks with very little effort on your part.

Are you having problems working with sounds recorded in different formats on different devices? Do you want to improve the way you produce your voice prompts? Would you like to simplify the maintenance of incoming prompts? Would you like to improve the quality of your existing prompts?

Audio ToolBox is the ONLY professional quality conversion utility for the MS-DOS® and Microsoft Windows® operating systems — and the only tool that does all this!

Getting Files Off the Net

You’ve probably discovered that downloading a cool sound file off the Internet can be a problem when it comes to using it. There are so many sound file formats, and if your system can’t use it, you’re out of luck. With Audio ToolBox, you can convert those files with a single command.

Win and DOS!

Developed at the suggestion of our customers, ToolBox Apprentice gives you a simple way to see and change complex command lines with ease.  Apprentice simplifies the entire process!


  • Convert MM Wave (8, 16 & MS ADPCM), linear 16 & unsigned 8, Dialogic 4 and 8 bit, plus more!

  • Fast: 10x real time — unlimited file length!

  • Optional Filters: FFT re-sampling, DTMF notch, anti-aliasing, dynamic compressor/ expander, more!

  • Batch Process: Separate with Auto-chop, Volume Normalize & Adjust, Auto-crop silence, re-pack to indexed!

  • Point and click to create the appropriate command line.

  • Convert immediately or create batch files to save the conversion steps required for later use.

Audio ToolBox

As a developer, you probably run into many situations where you would like to improve the quality of the audio. Over the past ten years, our customers have asked for tools to record, edit and review prompts with any audio system, improve the way they produce voice prompts, and simplify maintenance of their current systems.

We’ve assembled a set of tools that make it easier for you to do just that. We’ve made these utilities small and fast, since most voice developers work with a large number of files. We’ve made these tools run unattended since many developers need to bulk process their existing messages. We’ve tried to provide sophisticated processing options with a simple user interface to make it all work together.

You decide. For a risk free test drive, download our "Working Demo". We think you’ll like it!


  • Industry Standard Formats: Convert to and from industry standard formats such as Dialogic 4 & 8 bit, CCITT G.711 & G.721, NewVoice CVSD, Perception Technology CVSD, Multimedia Wave — and more — from 1000 to 65,000 Hz!

  • Fast Conversion: 10x conversion speed with normal filtering; 1x conversion speed with high fidelity filtering!

  • Unlimited File Length: Our disk caching technology lets you convert any length message - yet uses as little as 400K of memory!

  • High Fidelity Conversion: Optional FFT re-sampling interpolation filters; second and sixth order anti-aliasing filters!

  • Improved Dynamics: Use our dynamic compressor / expander for improved dynamic range!

  • Volume Normalize / Adjust: Normalize the volume levels across multiple files; adjust the volume level up or down!

  • Auto-Crop: Automatically remove silence from both ends of an audio file!

  • Frequency Equalize: Programmable 32 band graphic equalizer!

  • Foreign file formats: Specify starting byte position to skip custom file headers; set input file length for embedded data; select byte and bit ordering options for reading files from non-Intel computers!

  • Index Chop & Pack: Separate indexed files for batch processing, recombine when complete!

  • Index Rebuild: Add empty index entries to an existing file, merge voice or text into a new or existing index position, and rebuild damaged indexed files!

  • Index List: Lists header, voice and text information for any indexed file!

  • Sound Chop: Chop a single audio file into separate files using a silence period as separator. Use this to separate a long recording session into individual files!

  • Windows & DOS Users: Point and click to create the appropriate command line. Execute immediately or make a batch file, add wildcards for bulk conversion!

  • Software Development Kit: Add conversion capability to your Windows & DOS audiotex applications with our ToolBox SDK!

System Requirements

An IBM PC or compatible with a hard drive, DOS 3.3 or higher, and at least 512K of memory. A 486 processor (or coprocessor) and 640K is recommended. ToolBox Apprentice requires Windows 3.1x or higher.

Pricing & Availability

  • ToolBox for Windows NT/2000/XP (Call)  $395

Raising Your Voice to New Levels

Voice Information Systems, Inc. improves your digital voice communications using signal processing techniques. VISI products include software for editing and managing digital audio and programming tools that help run your voice processing system. Audio ToolBox resulted from the need to create, edit and convert audio prompts quickly and easily.

Founded in 1986, VINFO has been involved in voice processing since its inception. VINFO’s solid track record and superb reputation are a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.